Call your members of Congress!

Congress has already passed a more than $2 trillion COVID-19 economic relief package — the third in a series of bills Congress has passed to respond to the novel coronavirus pandemic. However, it’s likely Congress will need to take further action, beginning with a so-called “Phase 4” stimulus package. We are asking that our senators and representatives sign onto the 5 Principles for Just COVID-19 Relief and Stimulus. 

The letter outlines many key policy elements that Congress must implement to ensure a just recovery for all Americans. 

  1. Health is the top priority, for all people, with no exceptions 
  2. Provide economic relief directly to the people
  3. Rescue workers and communities, not corporate executives
  4. Make a down payment on a regenerative economy, while preventing future crisis
  5. Protect our democratic process while protecting each other

We believe these demands are not radical, but necessary to protect working people during this crisis. We must call on our members of Congress to act now to protect the lives and livelihoods of those most vulnerable.

That’s why we’re asking you to call congress and let them know that you support the 5 Principles for Just COVID-19 Relief and Stimulus.

Dial 1-888-907-6639  


Hi [representative/senator name],

My name is [your full name] calling from (town / city, state). 

I am urging you to support a relief package that prioritizes the needs of working families and lays the foundation for a just and green economic stimulus, while preventing more handouts for billionaire CEOs and expanded fossil fuel production.

I urge you to sign on to the 5 Principles for a just COVID-19 relief and stimulus, a set of principles supported by hundreds of activist and advocacy organizations across the country. 

We, your constituents, are counting on you. 

Thank you for your time.