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Teach-In: The Green New Deal

In this Thursday Teach-In, our focus will be a Green New Deal. There’s a lot of talk today about a Green New Deal (GND) and that’s because this exciting and ambitious idea is the first attempt we’ve seen to address the climate crisis in a big way - commensurate with the scale of the problem. A GND can offer us a path to build a more fair, inclusive, prosperous and sustainable economy and society powered by clean renewable energy with good union jobs. It invests in public infrastructure, ensures a just transition for communities and workers, protects our environment and promotes environmental health and justice. That’s exactly what we need! It’s the most ambitious and transformative national project taken on since Franklin Roosevelt’s original New Deal and World War II economic mobilizations - but it has learned from those past experiences which exacerbated inequality in the U.S. and has put equity at its core. To make a GND real, we need government, businesses, workers, and communities to all join in. And we need all of you to demand that candidates and elected officials  - from local electeds all the way to the President - support and work to advance this bold and promising vision by saying “YES” to a Green New Deal an “NO” to continued investment in fossil fuels.

For more information on the GND, see:

Join Jane Fonda, Joanna Zhu, and Sam Waterston to talk about why a Green New Deal is so critical if we stand any chance to protect our climate.


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