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Teach-In: Women

In this Thursday Teach-In, our focus will be Women. Climate change is a women’s issue! And women are at the heart of climate solutions. While the climate crisis threatens everyone, it especially impacts vulnerable populations, including women and girls. In many places, extreme weather events increase the workload women have and adds enormous risk to their safety and security. Often, women and girls are the last to be rescued, and the last to be given crucial resources like food and water. They overwhelmingly face greater health and safety risks as water and sanitation systems become compromised as well. The good news is that promoting women’s rights, increasing women and girls’ education, advancing reproductive justice and centering women and girls in climate solutions works. Around the world, women and girls are leading climate solutions, from stopping deforestation and improving agricultural practices to leading Climate Strikes and running for office as the kind of real climate leaders the world needs.

We are so excited to have Eve Ensler and Emira Woods joining us to explain how Women and Climate are so intrinsically connected.


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