Yvette Arellano

Senior Staff, Policy Research & Grassroots Advocate

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Yvette (Pronouns: They, Them, She, Her) is a powerhouse organizer and emerging leader from Houston dedicated to the causes of environmental and racial justice. She serves as a policy research and grassroots advocate with Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services. In 2015, they led the campaign against H.R. 702, which opened the floodgates to U.S. crude oil exports. Yvette represented the Gulf South and T.e.j.a.s at the United Nations COP21 in Paris. They were instrumental in the joint 2016 publication Double Jeopardy in Houston and Air Toxics and Health in the Houston Community of Manchester between the Union of Concerned Scientists and T.e.j.a.s, revealing deep environmental injustice the belly of the beast, Houston. In 2018, Yvette was recognized with the GreenLatinos Emerging Leader Award. Her most recent contribution can be read in Plastic and Health: The Hidden Cost of a Plastic Planet highlighting Tejas’ focus on human health impacts of petrochemicals involved in plastics production, chemical clusters, risk of accidents and the lack of community engagement and access to information. Throughout her work, Yvette strives to emphasize that access to clean water, air, land, and food is a fundamental human right best pursued through vigorous intersectional thinking and organizing. She has testified before the House and Energy Committee, EPA, National Environmental Justice Advisory Council, and state legislature over environmental injustices. Currently, Yvette is leading efforts in Houston, home of the largest petrochemical complex in the nation, to help the city’s most vulnerable communities on the petrochemical expansion fueled by plastic production.

In addition, Yvette serves as a board member of The Backbone Campaign which provides creative strategies, artful action support, and convenes training opportunities for change agents across the United States.

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