Take Action

So you want to start running Fire Drill Fridays in your community?
GREAT! Let’s get you started:

Step 1 — Sign up! Make sure you’ve joined the FDF community here and please include your zip code so we help support you in the right ways and connect you to others nearby who are also taking climate action! An organizer from our team is going to get in touch with you with resources, training and to support and guide you.

Step 2 — Reach out! Is there already a youth-led climate strike movement in your community? Find out here and if you’re one of the youngins, or have kids or other youth in your life, please start by connecting with them. Fire Drill Fridays is inspired by the global movement of youth climate strikers who have helped reshape the narrative around climate urgency. Greta and others put a call-out to adults to show up in a bigger way — and we’re answering that call.

Step 3: Get Ready! We’re going to send you all the resources you need to get your own Fire Drill Fridays off the ground in your city or town, from logistical support and campaign information to how to mobilize your community and engage your decision-makers. In the meantime, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and if you’re really keen, get informed here with a series of informative teach-ins hosted by Jane on a variety of climate-related issues.

That’s it! We’ll be in touch very soon to get you going on running Fire Drill Fridays where you live. We’re so excited to work with you!