April’s Fire Drill Friday Virtual Rally

Welcome to the first virtual edition of Fire Drill Fridays! Join Greenpeace USA, Jane Fonda, and speakers from Sunrise, Communities For A Better Environment, International Indigenous Youth Council and Central California Environmental Justice Network for the virtual edition of April’s #FireDrillFriday to keep the pressure on our governments and leaders to take action on climate. Now more than ever, we need to come together to support each other and push for the healthy world we want to see.

We do not have the luxury of fighting COVID-19 and the climate crisis separately. We DO, however have the power to come together in this moment of disruption and create the new, green world we have been dreaming of — one that puts people and planet over corporate greed and profit at all cost.

We might be alone at home, but we are in this TOGETHER! Thank you for weathering the technical difficulties today and staying home and taking action with us in the virtual streets! We couldn’t do it without you.

Academy Award-winning actress Jane Fonda marched on Capitol Hill in her last “Fire Drill Friday” protest, though she said on the event’s Twitter account that it won’t be her last climate change rally — just the last one in Washington “for a while.” The “Fire Drill Friday” protests — a weekly event organized by scientists, […]

  • Lauren Lantry
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