Holding fossil fuel corporations accountable


Join Jane Fonda, Katie Redford, Ellen Dorsey, Janene Yazzie, and Tamara Toles O'Laughlin to talk about holding fossil fuel companies accountable.

We're Live! Join Jane Fonda, Katie Redford with EarthRights International, Ellen Dorsey with Wallace Global Fund, Janene Yazzie International Indian Treaty Council, and Tamara Toles O'Laughlin with 350.org to talk about who's to blame and who's to pay. You guessed right – fossil fuel companies! Tune in to learn about the culpability of fossil fuel companies and how you can participate in holding them accountable.

Posted by Fire Drill Fridays on Thursday, January 2, 2020

In this Thursday Teach-In, our focus will be Fossil Fuel Companies. Sure, there are many factors that led to today’s climate crisis and many ways to look at who is responsible for this complex problem, but there is one group of industries above all else which is especially responsible and needs to be held accountable: fossil fuel corporations. It is now proven that fossil fuel corporations, like Exxon, knew about climate change a half century ago. But rather than use that precious time to lead a transition to clean, safe, renewable energy, protecting workers and communities during the transition, these corporations deceived the public through spreading fake science and climate denialism, misled their shareholders, viciously expanded their fossil fuel exploration and extraction, blocked climate solutions at the state and federal level, sought to silence dissent and protest, and robbed humanity of a generation’s worth of time to advance solutions. And these companies were – and still are – facilitated by the banks, investors and insurance companies that continue to finance and insure fossil fuel projects, long after the science was clear that our collective survival depends on winding down, not ramping up, fossil fuel production.

Across the US – and internationally – people, cities and states are starting to use financial and legal processes to hold fossil fuel corporations accountable. The Fossil Fuel Divestment campaign has inspired over $11 Trillion to be divested from fossil fuels, as a growing number of investors refuse to participate in the industry that is cooking the planet. The Fossil Fuel Free Money pledge has recruited hundreds of electoral candidates to refuse campaign donations from fossil fuel companies, there by liberating leaders from serving fossil fuel corporate donors. Organizations are campaigning to get banks, investors and insurance companies to choose the side of humanity over profits and withdraw support from fossil fuels. And now, children, cities and states are starting a range of legal proceedings related to fossil fuel corporations’ roles in the climate crisis, kickstarting a new round of climate liability proceedings.

For decades, fossil fuel companies took a page from Big Tobacco and tried to hide the truth, demonstrating a callous disregard for human well being. But around the world, people are banding together to say ENOUGH. It’s time we take back our government, our energy system and our future from these corporations whose decisions and deceit disproportionately contributed to today’s climate crisis.

Recently, Mothers & Others For Clean Air co-founder, Laura Turner Seydel, had the opportunity to travel to D.C  with her two daughters and nieces to participate in a rally to draw attention to the urgent crisis of climate change and to call for immediate and substantial action by our nation’s leaders. The rally was organized […]

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